Uncover the goodness of Spritzer’s natural source of water, naturally-processed from the tropical rainforest.
The Original Rainforest Water
Naturally Rich in Silica


Mineral Water

Natural Water

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Natural Minerals Water
Drinking Water
Sourced naturally from
390 Acres of Tropical Rainforest
Spritzer’s Natural Mineral Water is sourced from rain that falls on our 390 acres (equivalent to about 295 football fields) of protected tropical rainforest in Taiping, Perak. For over 15 years, the water source naturally filters through layers of protected underground rock and sandstone strata.

Then, it is drawn from an artesian aquifer deep beneath the rainforest, giving Spritzer its unique taste and high levels of natural minerals, particularly silica.
Spritzer Natural

Mineral Water

Truly a gift of nature, Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is extracted underground from pure and clean natural water sources, which explains why Spritzer is rich in minerals. Hygienically filtered and bottled in accordance to international standards for your peace of mind, it’s time to hydrate with Spritzer.
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Silica Boosts Collagen’s Performance
Silica also known as silicon dioxide (combination of silicon and oxygen) is an essential nutrient to help produce collagen in our body. Collagen is needed to ensure optimal health in our everyday life and even more as we age.

Birdi-Chouhan G, et al. Soluble silicon patterns and templates: calcium phosphate nanocrystal deposition in collagen type 1. RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 99809. DOI: 10.1039/c6ra19784a
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