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[#TogetherwithSpritzer] Hygiene Kit RM100


Units Per Carton : 1

#TogetherwithSpritzer Against Covid-19

We come together as ONE to play a part in the global effort to reduce the threat of COVID-19 during these difficult times.

Please extend a hand to our frontliners as they risk their lives to ensure the health and safety for all. Let’s also join forces to support the underprivileged who do not have access to basic necessities.

Hygiene kit (One set hygiene kit for one family)
1. Soaps
2. Hand sanitizer (70% alc.)
3. Hand towels
4. Toothpastes
5. Toothbrushes
6. Face masks

SKU Number: covid19-hk100
Product Category: #TogetherwithSpritzer