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Spritzer Water Pump Dispenser


Units Per Carton : 1

Convenience done right. This lightweight portable water pump dispenser is easy to use and is compatible with our 6L & 9.5L bottle. It is chargeable with a USB

Instruction of usage:
1. Please charge the product for 3 hours before using it.
2. This product is suitable for Android USB 5V, 1A power supply. Do not use more than 1A for charging to avoid short circuits.
3. This product is strictly prohibited from dry pumping.
4. This product is forbidden to pump hot water, alcohol, oil and any other corrosive liquids.
5. Precipitation might occur naturally on the hose due to the mineral content from natural mineral water.
6. This product cannot be dismantled.

• Low noise function
• Speedy outflow
• 2 modes: 1 button dispense/ 600ml quantitative dispense
• Portable charging: Chargeable via Android USB
• Functional anytime, anywhere
• Electroplating on the body
• Stylish & durable
• Food grade silicone hose
• Fits Spritzer Natural Mineral Water 6L & 9.5L

SKU Number: D004
Product Category: Spritzer Dispenser Series

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