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Spritzer Mineral Water - 6 Cartons Bundle (9.5L x 2) [4 Month Water Plan][FOC Spritzer Mini Dispenser]


Units Per Carton : 2

Subscribe our "4-Month Mineral Water Plan" and FREE 1 Spritzer Mini Dispenser (Random Colour) We provide you 6 cartons (48 bottles) of 9.5L Spritzer Natural Mineral Water up to 4 months, no need purchase every month! We will deliver to your doorstep in every first week of the month, up to 4 months. Special arrangement is available, please contact Spritzer hotline to get more information. * Once the water plan is start, you are not allow to cancel the water plan.

SKU Number: 4-OSSA-SMW-9500-6-4
Product Category: Spritzer Monthly Water Plan

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