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PRESS RELEASE: Jun-19-2013
LAST UPDATED: Feb-18-2020

Staying healthy means a healthy lifestyle too. With our hectic lifestyle nowadays, that is becoming increasingly hard to do. Now, we’ll make that so much easier- just with a sip of Spritzer + Fibre, the all new sensation drink to ensure a healthy life always! Spritzer+ Fibre is one of the beverage products in the market bearing nutritional benefits which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, ie acting as a dietary fibre, prebiotic effect, increase bone density and calcium absorption.

Spritzer + Fibre contains a unique mixture of inulin and oligofructose which is a soluble dietary fibre with prebiotic properties. A prebiotic is a non-digestible food ingredient that affects the host beneficially by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of good bacteria in the colon and inhibits the development of a number of harmful bacteria. The results of these studies for this unique mixture of inulin and oligofructose have been confirmed in numerous clinical human studies. So with every sip of Spritzer + Fibre, you’ll find an essential dosage of ‘good’ bacteria promotion within your digestive system.

Spritzer + Fibre also aids in increasing calcium absorption and bone density for our body. All the calcium we need for a healthy bone structure originates from within our diet. However, only one third of ingested calcium is actually absorbed, the rest is excreted. Lack of calcium will eventually lead to the decline in condition of our bones and teeth and also osteoporosis. According to ‘Arthritis Foundation Malaysia’, it is estimated that over 1 million people in Malaysia are at risk from Osteoporosis, out of which 20% are men. Therefore it’s vital for us to put a stop to this and start healthy with Spritzer + Fibre, the functional drink endorsed by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Only the most top quality ingredients and nutrients make it into each bottle of Spritzer + Fibre. It’s an ideal drink to have along during leisure time or work – just the thing for a vitalising refreshment in between and a healthy lifestyle- for ++++ (pronounced plus plus plus…) years to come. Spritzer + Fibre, get a healthy + in life!